Privacy Policy

At Fast yubuy® (yubuy®) we understand the importance of the confidentiality and integrity of the personal data we have.

yubuy®, in the provision of its services, needs to collect on a regular basis some personal data.

This privacy policy is to ensure to our employees, customers, suppliers, website visitors and all stakeholders that we work every day to have an adequate level of security in terms of confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of information assets, personal data and processing of personal data, against all threats it could face.

yubuy® establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve data protection based on a document approach to risk activity and compliance with all requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully in order to understand how we collect, use and protect your personal information collected in the process of our services.

For further information or any questions about this Privacy Policy please contact:


Fast yubuy, S.A.

Att.: Privacy Department

Av. José Malhoa, nº 16 F Piso 1 Bloco A

1070-179 Lisboa



Privacy Policy and data collection

yubuy® and its Partners are committed to protecting the privacy of its users, and to develop technology that offers the best and safest shopping experiences.

Users are able to navigate through most of yubuy® platform without having to provide any personal information. However, to order products and services, we will need to collect personal information. This Privacy Policy helps users understand how we collect, use, and protect their personal data when ordering our products and services.

When providing personal information to yubuy® and its Partners, the customer acknowledges and consents that the data may be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and with the rules and principles laid down in the respective Terms and Conditions. In regard to the collection of personal data, users must read this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. yubuy® reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy without previous notice. The last version will be published on the following page



What is personal data?

Personal Data means any information, including sound and image, related to an identified person (owner of the data). It is considered identifiable the person who can be identified directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental identity, economic, cultural, or social.


Data collection

What information yubuy® collects?

The personal information collected by yubuy® is limited to name, tax number, address, and telephone number.


When does yubuy® collect the data?

Personal data is collected when users order one of the products or services offered by our Partners.

yubuy® respects the right to privacy and does not collect any personal data without prior consent.

Some of the personal data is required to deliver and billing the services being provided. yubuy® will inform of this obligation and in the event of missing or incorrect data, yubuy® and its Partners will not be able to deliver the goods or service purchased. In these situations, the provision of incorrect or inaccurate data is user’s responsibility.

When using our services, yubuy® also generates personal data, such as the history of orders and/or purchases.


What is the purpose of the collection of personal data?

The personal data collected is for delivery and billing purposes, adaptation of services to clients’ needs and interests, and actions of marketing or telemarketing from yubuy® or our Partners.

Personal data will also be used to answer questions, suggestions, or complaints.


Who is responsible for processing the data?

The responsible for processing the data are yubuy® and its Partners.


For how long yubuy® keeps the collected data?

Your data is kept for the necessary time for delivery and billing of the service or product, or for the fulfillment of legal obligations of yubuy® and its Partners.


Marketing and Telemarketing

To inform the customer about new products and services, yubuy® and its Partners may use the following methods: mail, phone, email, SMS, MMS, or any other electronic communication service.

Customer can refuse your consent at any time in writing to:


Fast yubuy, S.A.

Att.: Privacy Department

Av. José Malhoa, nº 16 F Piso 1 Bloco A

1070-179 Lisboa



Customer’s rights

Right of access, opposition, correction, and deletion of personal data

The right of access to data is guaranteed by law. The user may request its correction or addition, contacting for this purpose yubuy® customer support.

Users may also, at any time, object to the collection of personal data, with the exception of the strictly necessary for delivery and billing of the service, and request the removal of the data for purposes of marketing and telemarketing. For that matter, user should contact in writing the following email address:


Information Security

Ensuring the confidentiality and security of customer data is a permanent concern of yubuy®.  For that reason, yubuy® has drafted and issued all of their employees and Partners this Privacy Policy.

yubuy® has also designated a responsible for Privacy (Data Protection Officer), to monitor and set out clear rules for processing personal data.

To ensure permanent awareness of its employees and service providers for the rules on data protection, yubuy® develops periodically training actions, prepares and publishes a manual on rules applicable to professional secrecy.

yubuy® employees, as well as those who provide services, assume the commitment not to reveal to third parties or use for purposes contrary to the law, any personal information of yubuy® users.

yubuy® has teams and systems to ensure the security of information, creating and updating procedures to prevent unauthorized access, accidental loss or destruction of personal data.

yubuy® and its Partners undertake to comply with the legislation on the protection of privacy of customer data and treat these data only for the purposes for which the data were collected, as well as to ensure that these data are treated with appropriate levels of security and confidentiality, in accordance with the applicable legislation and the conditions laid down by “CNPD” – National Commission for Data Protection.

In order to ensure the security of their services, yubuy® reserves the right to monitor the performance and quality of service, in order to detect any technical failures, transmission errors, threats, and other security vulnerabilities, not exercising, however, through human means, control over the content of the information transmitted through their platform.

The user may, at any time, request confidentiality of your data and remove your consent for these data to be disclosed for the purpose of informational services of the yubuy® or third parties, and should contact for this purpose yubuy® Customer Service.

If you have any questions or complaints about the use of your personal, please send an e-mail to

Other contacts:

Data Protection Officer (yubuy®)

Catarina Faria